October 2020 Bakery Box
October 2020 Bakery Box

October 2020 Bakery Box

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It's October 18th, 3 days past our usual Bakery Box day reveal. There are a few things that contributed to this untimely reveal including, a busted water pipe, a malfunctioning printer, a car accident, a sinus infection, a late package arrival.

But this is life, these are momentary obstacles that can be easily overcome and forgotten. There are many however who on top of life's usual disruptions have to live with and fight to overcome something much greater, Breast Cancer. 

With October being the International Month for Breast Cancer Awareness, we dedicate this month's Bakery Box feature to the many women and families who have been affected by this horrible disease. With this Box you will receive the following:


4oz Pink Ribbon Body Creme Scented with Strawberry Cream and Raspberry and tinted a happy pink, this soft and silky body creme reminds you to smell sweet and look your best. Sprinkled with glitter and shimmer so your skin can reflect your inner glow! 💫 

Pink Ribbons Icing Candle - Cherry and Vanilla scented soy wax, piped to resemble interweaving ribbons. Topped with a Cherry 🍒 because through every challenge, life is still sweet and worth living, but sometimes it's the little things in your daily life or a kind word or gesture that can make it even sweeter.

2 ct Pink Donut Soaps - Adorable and deliciously scented, your donut soaps arrive topped with glitter or sprinkles. And although they are equally beautiful, they will both be different. Normally, variety is a wonderful thing and life would be boring without it but like your soap donuts, if you notice a difference in your breast or any changes that include lumps, heaviness or discomfort, contact your physician immediately. It's ok to check and please let other women in your life know to do the same.  💕

 Faith Hope & Love Body Mist - Scented with Cherry and Rose, this body mist arrives tinted pink and packed with a beautiful array of glitter throughout. Shake and spray after showering or as a pick me up during the day. Because each day should be filled with Faith, Hope and Love.

Pink Loofah - Not pictured but included in each box. This can be said of many women who have been affected by Breast Cancer. We won't always know or be able to tell but let's never assume that because one doesn't wear their struggle on their clothes that it never happened or doesn't matter as much.

Each box will also include an informational pamphlet on Breast Cancer. 



The Bakery Box theme will be uploaded on the 16th. 

If you purchase a Bakery Box Subscription through PayPal, your order will process as a onetime purchase as PayPal does process subscriptions at this time.



If you are SUBSCRIBED and wish to cancel the following month's subscription you MUST do so BEFORE the 5th. All charges made on the 5th cannot be refunded. We appreciate your cooperation. 

*ONE TIME BUYERS: Feel free to purchase the Bakery Box without commitment. Upgrade to a Subscription at any time!