June 2019 Bakery Box
June 2019 Bakery Box

June 2019 Bakery Box

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You can probably smell it now, the Pretzels fresh from the oven waiting to be sprinkled with salt, tart Blue Raspberry Slushees, warm Corndogs on a stick, the list goes on! Well no need to wait in line, we've got you covered with Concession Stand essentials.

You'll receive:

4oz Lemonade Bubble Bath - "Freshly squeeze" your bottled Lemonade into a running bath to enjoy that summertime fresh Lemonade scent. 

2oz Blue Raspberry Slushee Scrub - It's easy getting lost in this scrub because it looks and smells so much like the real thing! Remove a little with your fingers and rub all over to smooth out your skin and have it smelling tart and sweet!

2oz Cotton Candy Bath Whip - Nothing sticky about this Cotton Candy here! Remove a little and smear onto a bath cloth or sponge. Add water to build a rich lather. cleanse and rinse clean.

Cup of Popcorn Soaps - A trip to the fair wouldn't be complete without tasting this salty treat! Popcorn soaps were modeled after a real batch of popcorn. Perfect to use as easy hand soaps.

Edible Mini Pretzels - We couldn't leave you without a snack! Enjoy your pretzels!

Edible Salted Peanuts - Pretzels and peanuts go oh so well together, not to mention, who leaves the fair with only ONE snack?! Enjoy :)


If you are SUBSCRIBED and wish to cancel the following month's subscription you MUST do so BEFORE the 15th. All charges made on the 15th cannot be refunded. We appreciate your cooperation. 

*ONE TIME BUYERS: Feel free to purchase the Bakery Box without commitment. Upgrade to a Subscription at any time!