AUGUST 2019 Bakery Box
AUGUST 2019 Bakery Box

AUGUST 2019 Bakery Box

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It’s sticky, it’s sweet and it fills some of our desserts with a fun surprise. It’s Jelly! This month’s Bakery Box features Limited Edition Jelly filled products that we all have a soft spot for. You will receive:

4oz Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Body Mist- Most of us will remember this staple Cookie as part of our childhood. Crispy, crumbly and sweet, this Cookie warms our heart and goes perfectly with a cup of tea or milk. We’ve crafted it into a Body Mist! Spritz on hair or body for an all day sweet Strawberry fragrance.

2oz Jelly Filled Donut Body Creme- Handcrafted by Bakery Artists, the popular Jelly Filled Donut comes to life in a decorative Body Creme. Great for light moisture during summer months, will leave you with a sweet and sugary grape fragrance.

2oz Peanut Butter & Jelly Body Scrub- Great at any age, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich remains iconic as much as it is delicious. Enjoy the scent and texture in Body Scrub formula.

2oz Knot Today Detangling Spray- New from SuperFemme Haircare! Deluxe Sample Size

Jelly on Toast Soap- A simple recipe of Jelly on Toast always hits the spot just right. It becomes almost like a gourmet treat as the crisp toast and custard-like Jelly create an irresistible match. Enjoy it in a full sized Soap Bar! You heard right, we made this staple snack into a bar of soap. Smells like Blueberry jam.

Boxes are shipped in large batches and arrive to your door between the 3rd-4th week of each month.


If you are SUBSCRIBED and wish to cancel the following month's subscription you MUST do so BEFORE the 5th. All charges made on the 5th cannot be refunded. We appreciate your cooperation. 

*ONE TIME BUYERS: Feel free to purchase the Bakery Box without commitment. Upgrade to a Subscription at any time!