October 2018 Bakery Box
October 2018 Bakery Box

October 2018 Bakery Box

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Windy days, falling leaves and blossoming Apple orchards. There's no better way to welcome in Autumn than indulging in the taste of a ripe Apple. This month's box brings you Apple infused skincare, from head to toe. Enjoy the season's fruit with the following Bakery crafted products:

4oz Clarifying Cleanser- With the power of Apple Cider Vinegar, this facial wash will rid your pores of dirt & bacteria while leaving your skin soft and smooth. Essential Oils and Rose Water nourish your skin while delivering much-needed moisture.

4oz Anti-Bacterial Refining Tonic- Get your skin looking and feeling it's best with our new Organic toner, formulated with calming Aloe, Witch Hazel and Apple Cider Vinegar. We've chosen ingredients to kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and enlarged pores.

4oz Caramelized Body Wash- Invigorate your senses with Apple and Caramel scented body wash. Creamy formula and rich lather! We recommend snagging a bath loofah for the ultimate experience.

2oz Apple Strudel Body Butter- That warm baked apple aroma from the oven is irresistible! We've packaged it up for you in a travel size body butter. Dab a little on your skin, rub in until formula melts into your skin and leaves you moisturized. You will smell hints of Apple and Nutmeg just like freshly baked apples!

Cotton Rounds- To be used with your Refining Tonic. Arrives neatly packaged inside a 2oz resealable jar. Remove one round and saturate with Tonic to apply to skin. Alternatively, you can pour 1/4 of your Tonic into the resealable jar along with your cotton rounds for easy travel use. 


If you are SUBSCRIBED and wish to cancel the following month's subscription you MUST do so BEFORE the 15th. All charges made on the 15th cannot be refunded. We appreciate your cooperation. 

*ONE TIME BUYERS: Feel free to purchase the Bakery Box without commitment. Upgrade to a Subscription at any time!