April 2019 Bakery Box
April 2019 Bakery Box

April 2019 Bakery Box

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For many April signifies Spring. Green sprouting, warmer weather, the start of new life. So we at the Bakery thought the perfect feature for this month would be Breakfast foods! Like the month of April, signifying the start of a new day.

Your Bright N Early Box Features:

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN CANDLE- A once popular Bakery creation is back! Modeled after an actual muffin, complete with Blueberry pieces peeking through on top.

2oz PANCAKE BODY CREME- Sweet, Maple-y, light Creme moisture. Perfect for the oncoming warmer weather!

2oz ORANGE JUICE BODY MIST- Made with Sweet Orange Essential Oil, this invigorating mist can be spritzed on the hair or body. Shake first then spritz for perfect distribution of the citrusy fragrance.

2oz CUP O JOE BODY WASH- For those who absolutely NEED Coffee as their wake up call, this is it! Mocha Cappuccino fragrance blend.

2oz EAT YOUR O's BODY SCRUB- Sugary Exfoliation. Great to use while showering for soft and smooth skin.

2 ct POPPY SEED BAGEL SOAPS- All you're missing on these is schmear! Looks just like the real thing! Mini Soaps are perfect as hand soaps.


If you are SUBSCRIBED and wish to cancel the following month's subscription you MUST do so BEFORE the 15th. All charges made on the 15th cannot be refunded. We appreciate your cooperation. 

*ONE TIME BUYERS: Feel free to purchase the Bakery Box without commitment. Upgrade to a Subscription at any time!