August 2018 Bakery Box

August 2018 Bakery Box

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Life's sweet and this month's Bakery Box makes it even sweeter! Popular favorites dipped and drizzled in Chocolate and Caramel make for a Box filled with and edible treat along with Limited Edition products. Your August Box contains:

2oz Ice Cream Sundae Decorative Body Butter- Handmade Body Butter with decorative top. Sundae is drizzled with chocolate and topped with a cherry.

2oz Chocolate Marshmallow Bah Whip- For use as shaving cream or body wash. Remove a small amount and build into a lather on loofah or cloth. Complete with chocolate covered mini marshmallow soaps! 

2oz Chocolate Almond Body Mist-Spray onto hair or body for a sweet chocolaty scent. 

1/3 oz Caramel Apple Roller Fragrance- Smells like a crisp apple with a hint of caramel. Roll onto hot spots for a lasting fragrance. 

6 ct Mini Cupcake Soaps- Mini hand soaps dipped in chocolate & lightly sprinkled. Perfect to display on your counter as hand soap. 

5 ct Sweet Minis Chocolates & Strawberries- For use with a wax burner. Pop a chocolate or strawberry melt onto your burner to release a sweet pleasant fragrance throughout your home. 

Edible Pretzel snack-Arrives in assorted flavors of milk chocolate, butterscotch and white chocolate. Do not consume if you have nut and or dairy sensitivities. 


Your Monthly Subscription to Bakery themed products! Inspired by Shea Shea Bakery, the Bakery Box will now be inclusive of select Entrepreneurs and Businesses with like-minded products and services. Our mission is to bring you the best in quality products every month while celebrating what we all share a common joy in, delicious treats and desserts!